Bsharry the home land of my heart.

 (Gibran Khalil Gibran)


Bsharry Profile

Bsharry "Also known as the Town Next to Heaven", is the most beautiful summer and winter resort, Located a height of 1,400 meters beneath the immortal trees "Cedars" and watered by the melted snow of the highest point in the Middle East "Cornet el Soda 3086 meters" or the black summit, near the hands of the miraculous "Saint Charbel" and perched on the cliffs of the valley of saint's "Holly Valley", the land and source of inspiration of Gibran Khalil Gibran "The Prophet" the holy land that bloomed with incense and sanctity, the land of infinite beauty and contrasts to whom the past has bequeathed a generous legacy, a tourist paradise where once you start to delve into its splendors you will fall forever under its spell.



Our Mission

Road to Bsharry


  Basic Telephone Numbers

Designation Number
Post Office And Information 06-671111 / 222
Red Cross / Ambulance 140 Or 06-672504
Information 120
Security 112 Or 06-671209
Fire Brigade 125 Or 06-671664
Municipality 06-671068
Electricity 06-671028
Water Pomp 06-672260 / 261
Gibran Museum 06-672560
Gibran National Committee 06-671043 / 044


Saint Therese Visit to Bsharry will be published soon